The Oil and Gas Consulting Company

Gas Plant

Settlements to producers for processing gas are complex.  Whether you are an interest owner in the plant or simply have your gas processed for a fee, Martindale can maximize your revenue through a thorough and complete analysis of processing and allocation procedures used by a plant operator.  We will ensure that all deductions for fuel, flare, and shrinkage due to extraction of liquids comply with the terms of your processing agreement, as does the operator’s basis for allocating recovered natural gas liquids and residue gas.
Many factors are involved in the determination of a fair share of liquids contained in an owner's gas and the allocation of extracted liquids, and Martindale has encountered and effectively dealt with all of them.  Through the application of our contractual and operational knowledge and experience, we can ensure that you receive the natural gas liquids and residue gas to which you are entitled.  If you don’t take action, will you even or ever know if the plant operator is retaining natural gas liquids and residue gas to which you are entitled?